We Create Experiences That Bring People Together

Learn a new skill! Share your passion!

Our spaces are for all ages and groups.

We offer classes, workshops and activity spaces. You can come alone, with a friend, or your whole family.

Our classes and workshops are for everybody: people who want to take their skills to the next level, or people who just want to learn something new.

We specialise in activities that have a twist: yoga for mothers and toddlers, or do-it-yourself activities for mindfulness, cooking for diabetics, short story writing for teenagers… You get the idea.

Our cooking studio is our love. We offers classes from qualified instructors, and our cooking space is customiseble and open for interactive sessions.

Our beautiful spaces are open, fun and can be used for different activities.


Bring the arts into your company or organisation. A team building workshop around cooking! Or a visioning or design exercise with paint, glue, papier mache, you name it. ​

Or do you have a product you want to launch or demonstrate? A wine and cheese pairing workshop? A coffee tasting course? Gardening? Composting?

We’re also open to running sponsored events that fit our philosophy and space.

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What if your guests could make their cake and eat it too? Or have an art session where they take back the painting they made? Or a dance party where everyone learns to salsa?

Why have a boring old party when you can have a memorable one centered around an artistic experience.

We can host parties for children and adults.

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You can sign up for our events, programmes and classes for a special price. Access member-only programmes and events. We think of it as a gym membership for your mind! Coming soon!