Our Story

The idea for Tivity was born in Whitefield in 2017. We know what you’re thinking! Hold on and hear us out.

As parents to a 6 year old, we grew tired of having to spend all our time driving (ourselves and our daughter) for classes and activities in the city. We grew tired of going to watch a movie (in a mall!) or eating out at restaurants (in a mall!).

We wanted somewhere to go to. We wanted a space in which to hang out together as a family, doing things together or learning something.

Venky was at home at the time, looking after our daughter, thinking about his next activity in his life. As he thought about the things he loved to do, it occurred to him that he could start a place for people like himself. If he wanted somewhere to do things, he could do it himself.

Our Philosophy

We think that everybody can have fun learning new things, and everybody needs a space to explore their interests.

We put health and wellness above everything else.

We are a space that allows for this learning. We make things happen so you can learn from people who have skills, passion and ideas to share.

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Our Team

Venky graduated from Cornell University in 2004 with a degree in Theatre and Mathematics. He has worked on a number of theatre productions and won the 2004 Heerman’s Macalmon Award for Playwriting for his play “All in a Name.”

After college, Venky went back to Aditi school, his alma mater, to teach theatre to children between the ages of 5 and 13. While there, he created and refined the theatre curriculum and directed two school productions, “The Bourgeois Gentleman” and “All Rise.” He also wrote and directed a student movie, “The Morning After the Night Before,” which nobody will ever see again, but he’s happy to pass on the screenplay.

In 2006, Venky went on to work for GetFriday, his first start up, which he grew from 5 people to over 150 employees. After GetFriday came HomeShikari, a real estate portal and services provider.

For the last three years, Venky has been spending his time as a house husband, and coming up with the idea of Tivity

Maitri has been working as a drama therapist and counselling psychologist in Bangalore for the last 10 years, after a Master’s in Drama Therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies USA. She works with individuals and groups that have specific therapeutic needs while using theatre processes. She facilitates insight, skills-development and resolution: for six-year-olds who want to tell their parents something important, successful scientists who feel inadequate, or women sorting through their histories of childhood sexual abuse. She has worked collaboratively on performance projects such as Positively Shameless (2016-2017) and Duddu Kasu Dabbu Currency (2011).

Maitri has been fortunate enough to have spent a year working with the Kattaikkuttu Sangam in Kanchipuram, where she witnessed and learnt from the the vast world of traditional Indian theatre and the politics of caste and theatre. She returned to Bangalore and began running community arts projects.

She received a PhD on her work with survivors of childhood sexual abuse at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai in 2018.